For authors

Submissions to “Yearbook of European Integration” must follow the journal’s style guide, including formatting, length and references. The author cannot edit the text during editorial work.

The size of the article, including footnotes and bibliography, should not exceed one publishing sheet (40,000 characters). Reviews, polemics and information should not exceed half of one sheet of a standard typescript.


The text should be formatted as follows:

  • Text editor: Winword, Times New Roman font, size 12;
  • Line spacing – 1.5;
  • Margins – 2.5;
  • Name and surname of the author (Times New Roman font, size 12, left justified);
  • University (Times New Roman font, size 12, left justified);
  • Title (Times New Roman font, size 14, bold, centered);
  • Subtitles (Times New Roman font, size 12, bold, centered);
  • Quotes should be placed in quotation marks (without italics);
  • Italics in the text should be used only for book titles, article titles, short foreign phrases or names.


To create bibliographic footnotes, the “Oxford” system should be used, consisting in a reference to a specific item in the bibliography.

References should be placed in parentheses next to the relevant information, opinion, view in the following order (name, date of issue, page), e.g .:

  • (Nowak, 1999, p. 10) – when the referenced work has one author;
  • (Nowak, Kowalski, 2000, pp. 145-150) – when the cited work has two or more authors;
  • (Inquiry) – we give the first word of the title when referring to a publication in which there is no information about the author;
  • A fragment of the title (2 or more words) of a publication should be provided when there are several titles beginning with the same words in the bibliography.

Explanatory footnotes should be placed at the bottom of the page.


Full bibliographic data should be provided in the list of the referenced literature (bibliography) at the end of the article. The list should be sorted alphabetically according to the names of the authors, and in the case of the publication date of the same author repeatedly, according to the date of the works in chronological order (adding lower case letters, e.g. 2003a, 2003b, 2003c).

For example:

  • Barber B. R. (2003), Strong Democracy Participatory Politics for a New Age, University of California Press, Berkeley-Los Angeles-London;
  • Friedent L. A. (1998), New Citizenship, „Media & Society”, vol. 18, nr 2;
  • Inquiry into Democracy. Report (2003), Parliament of Victoria, http://www.parliament.jhgiutiguigui,html;
  • Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z dnia 2 kwietnia 1997 r., Dz. U. 1997, nr 78 poz. 483;
  • Kowalski P. (2008), Rozwój cywilizacji, Wydawnictwo ABC, Warszawa;
  • Krasuski K. (2009), Nowy pomysł na prywatyzację giełdy, „Rzeczpospolita” z dnia 27.11.2009 r.;
  • Miserez M.-A., Switzerland: a country of politicians, 24.08.2009,,, 15.10.2012;
  • Nowak R. (1999), Władza i demokracja, [w:] Demokracja i władza, red. J. Kowalski, Wydawnictwo XYZ, Warszawa;
  • Rybińska A., „Nie” dla rozbrojenia narodu, 14.02.2011, „Rzeczpospolita”,–dla-rozbrojenia-narodu.html, 15.10.2012;


Each graph, table, drawing etc. should be described with the title (Times New Roman, bold, 10) and the source (Times New Roman, 10). The title should be placed above, and the information about the source – under the presented graph, table or drawing.

The text should be accompanied by:

  1. Abstract in Polish and English, not exceeding 0.5 pages each. They should be placed at the end of the article;
  2. Keywords in Polish and English (max. 5), placed after each abstract, respectively;
  3. Information about the author:
  • Full name;
  • Degree, academic title;
  • Represented research institution / affiliation;
  • Exact mailing address, telephone number and e-mail;
  • Biographical information in Polish (150-200 characters);
  • Statement;
  • ORCID number.

Authors of texts accepted for publication are required to send to the editorial office a signed declaration on the transfer of copyright for publication, on the preparation of the text and its original character.

Authors are asked to read the Open Access Policy rules adopted by the journal.

Editors of the Yearbook of European Integration asks for submitting texts via the PRESSTO electronic text deposit system:

Text submissions are also accepted by traditional mail and e-mail to the following address:

prof. UAM dr hab. Beata Przybylska-Maszner, Sekretarz redakcji Rocznika Integracji Europejskiej, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Wydział Nauk Politycznych i Dziennikarstwa, Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 5, 61-614 Poznań Polska.

Materials for printing should be submitted in one copy of a standard typescript (30 lines per page, 60 characters per line, ie 1800 characters per page) and on a CD.

  1. The text should be accompanied by information about the author:
  2. Full name
  3. Degree and academic title
  4. Represented scientific institution
  5. Detailed address, telephone number, e-mail
  6. Biographical information in Polish (150-200 characters)
  7. Statement
  8. ORCID number
  9. abstract in Polish and English, which should not exceed 1 typed page.

Authors are asked to refer to the authors’ guidelines. Texts for the next issue of the year should be submitted by 30 June.

The Yearbook of European Integration accepts only submissions of original texts that have not been previously published and have not been submitted for publication in other scientific journals or collective works. Articles that meet the following basic criteria will be accepted for the next issue of the journal:

  • compliance of the undertaken subject with the purpose and profile of the journal;
  • high substantive value of considerations;
  • proper text structure (IMRaD standardization);
  • in the case of an article: clear formulation of the hypothesis or research question, discussion of methodological assumptions, accurate selection of the referenced literature;
  • stylistic and linguistic correctness;
  • meeting the formal requirements and compliance with the editorial rules contained in the guidelines for authors of texts;
  • filling in and sending, together with the text of the signed copyright statement in the paper version of the journal and in the electronic version, as well as ghostwriting and guest authorship declarations.

The journal does not charge any fees for submitting, processing, accepting for publication and publishing texts qualified for publication. Authors are kindly asked to read the journal’s Open Access Policy.