Call for papers 2023

The Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Rocznik Integracji Europejskiej” (“Yearbook of European Integration”) ISSN 1899-6256 invites to cooperate and submit scientific articles and reviews of scientific texts on the broadly understood area of the European integration process. On the one hand, this means the possibility of relating within such a wide-ranging framework
of issues related to law, economy, various manifestations of domestic and foreign policy, security, defense, environmental protection, cultural and social policy, and many others, the implementation of which takes place both directly at the level of the European integration process, EU relations with other international organizations and state and non-state actors, as
well as at the state level and the level of a variously constituted local authorities. On the other hand, we would wish to create a space for reflection on the subjects of the (inter)cultural and historical dimensions of related events and ideas of the European integration process. In addition, texts directing their reflection toward methodological challenges are
welcomed to find their presence here as well. These ought to cover among others those approaching characteristic for the sociology of politics and science, as well as those referring to the philosophy of knowledge.

Simultaneously, especially recently, dynamic changes are taking place resulting from the intensively progressing digital revolution within this broad context. Not only does it affect the reality of functioning in the academic world, but it also changes the image of previously existing education in general, seriously affecting the form and content of manifestations of communication present in various social and political dimensions.

Although the natural starting point for this journal is substantive areas within the framework of political science, international relations, and the science of communication and media, as well as dedicated to regional studies devoted to the European continent, we wish to underline here,
that the RIE editorial board aims to enable here as well a space for interdisciplinary dialogue.
All submissions, after the initial formal verification, go through the review process. The texts are sent to external reviewers cooperating with the Editorial Office of the journal. The condition for publication is a positive assessment of the reviewers and the consent of the Editorial Board
to include the text in the next issue of the Yearbook.

Articles must meet the following basic criteria:

  • submission of an original text that has not been previously published and has not been
    submitted for publication in other scientific journals or collective works;
  • compliance of the undertaken subject with the purpose and profile of the journal;
  • high substantive value of considerations;
  • correct text structure (IMRaD standardization);
  • in the case of an article: clear formulation of a hypothesis or research question,
    discussion of methodological assumptions, appropriate selection of the referenced literature;
  • stylistic and linguistic correctness;
  • meeting the formal requirements and compliance with the editorial rules contained in
    the guidelines for authors of texts;
  • filling in and sending, together with the text of the signed copyright statement in the paper version of the journal and in the electronic version, as well as ghostwriting and guest authorship declarations.

Texts in congress languages are preferred. Texts written in the English language are linguistically verified by language editors of the periodical.
The editorial office asks for submitting texts to the issue 17/2023 by August 31, 2023 via the PRESSTO electronic deposit system:
Text submissions are also accepted by traditional mail and e-mail to the following address:
dr hab. Agnieszka Bielawska – Deputy Assistant Editor
Faculty of Political Science and Journalism
Adam Mickiewicz University
ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 5
61-614 Poznań, Poland
e-mail: or